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Rover 01

Rover 01 Is full of rich dark tones. the preset will give your image a moody and Vibrant look.


Rover 02

rover 02 is low contrast with warm golden brown tones. Adjusting to a warmer Temperature will bring out amazing skin tones.  

Rover 03

Rover 03 will give your image beautiful cool blues and greens. Still giving you peachy golden skin tones.

Rover 04

Rover 04 will give your image rich brown and red tones.

Rover 05

Rover 05 will give you Vibrant look. Warm Highlights with cool shadows 

Rover 06

Rover 06 will give you a classic clean vibrant look. Perfect for any situation.

Rover 07 bw

Rover 07 is the perfect B&W preset. It has a unique curve that gives every image something Different.



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